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    It's not unusual - but it's not always the case. Contact us today and let Debt Collection Wales get back what is rightfully yours.
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    If we cannot get your money back, we simply do not charge you. Debt Collectors Wales can rely on for an affordable result.
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Debt Collection Wales collect 94% of debts that are passed to us. Before you write off what is owed to you, consider speaking to us about your chances of successful debt collection on 01656 663 930 – we would love to help you get your money back.


1 Why Debt Collection Wales?

Debt Collection Wales - No collection, no fee debt collectors for small businesses in Wales.

No collection – No fee

Most of our clients, small or large, feel that they have already lost their money. Instruct Debt Collection Wales to collect what is rightfully yours and turn the tables on your debtors with no risk to yourself – whatsoever.

Debt Collection Wales Methods

Debt Collection Wales Rates

Debt Collection Wales offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We charge 10% of any debts passed to us – a smaller percentage than most other Debt Collection Companies in Wales. Remember, you also only pay us upon successful debt collection – with no hidden charges.

Debt Collection Wales Costs

The Easiest Way

Going to court takes time, costs a lot more than the Debt Collection Wales service does, and is often met with a reactive resistance. The Debt Collection Wales service offers you a stress and risk-free alternative to your situation.

Use Our Debt Collection Services

Debt Collection Wales have collected tens of thousands of pounds on behalf of my company and I can honestly say I’ll use them for many years to come. Always polite, always friendly and they always do the business. The only debt collection technique I will ever use.

Kerry BurrowsOwnerDKB Locksmiths

Debt Collection & Debt Collectors Wales Can Rely On.

2 Our Approach

Unlike a lot of other Debt Collection companies in Wales, we tend to try to find an amicable solution with our clients debtors. We have found that this is the best method of collection and has led us up to our enviable debt collection rate.

What others say about us

Without Debt Collection Wales my business would no longer be. I am a small builder and I had issues with a client that left me unable to operate until these guys got my money back. Way cheaper than going to court and the outcome I was looking for but wasn’t really expecting, thanks again.

Terry Wilson - Glamorgan Property Serviceshttp://www.glamorganpropertyservices.co.uk

Debt Collectors Wales | Debt Collection Services Wales

Step 1: Listen Assess

Evaluate best way forward

Step 2: Determine Demand

First contact is made

Step 3: Success

Terms agreed with debtor

3 No collection – NO FEE

Let Debt Collectors Wales get back the money that is causing your business cashflow problems. We will do this for a minimal fee and we assure you of a hassle-free service that costs you nothing, should we not collect. Simply give us a call on 01656 663 930 or send us an email by clicking the button – Debt Collection Wales look forward to helping you recover your outstanding debts.

Debt Collection Wales –
No Collection, No Fee Debt Collectors Wales can trust.

I used Debt Collection Wales after spending months chasing a debtor who flatly refused to pay me. I had almost given up hope of the debt ever being paid until a friend referred me to these guys. In less than two weeks they located and formed a payment agreement with my debtor and the debt has now actually been paid in full. Thanks only to the team at Debt Collection Wales.

Janet WilliamsBusiness OwnerEquine Services Wales